Angels Underwater by: Miguel Hernández

Alanna Heiss:

Miguel Hernandez is a realist painter whose works, which are extraordinarily well executed, could be approached as an aspect of magic realism. Not in the least naive or an outsider artist, Miguel lives and works in New York City and is in constant interaction with local artists. His work is deliberately unadjusted to a prevalent art aesthetic, and created without irony.

The group we look at here is formed around the adventures of two women (features never revealed) who are immersed in water. Miguel keeps a steady artist’s eye on the women, an eye which can see clearly underwater, and tells the viewer that the white clothing of the woman is as depicted, without misrepresentation.

It is clear that Hernandez’s work falls into the category of illustration. However it is also clear that illustration, when propelled by ambitious ideas, can help the viewer understand or imagine the unknown. And after all, surely that is one of the most things that art can do.

- Alanna Heiss, Clocktower Gallery Founder and Director; MoMA PS1 Founder and former Director. -

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