Angels Underwater by: Miguel Hernández

Alanna Heiss:
- Alanna Heiss, Clocktower Gallery Founder and Director
MoMA PS1 Founder and former Director. -

Graciela Kartofel:
- Art Historian-Critic- Curator & Curator of this series: Angels Underwater -

Chelo Mercado | Sirena Mercado | Oliver James L’eroe | Santo Castillo | Lex Leonard | Alex Guerrero | Issac Perez | Amin Torres | Leonardo Rodriguez | Hector Reyes | Aristides de Leon | Miguel Luciano | Junior Mendez | Antonio Elizardo De Jesús

Topic of my paintings, my nieces: Awilda Nuñez & Yaelin Medina, Love you all… It would be impossible to mention every single person by name who has contributed significantly to this project, but you all know who you are and so do we. Here are the folks who have gone way out of their way to make my series Angels Underwater possible.

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